Who We Are

Connie Spence

Connie, a 12 year vegan started doing activism in 2016. She is known for the Vegan Batman Light, a stage light where she projects giant messages on walls and engages with the public. After years of doing this activism, she grew excited to see how many vegans she was meeting, meat eaters she was changing and vegan food taking up more and more shelf space at grocery stores. So she decided to check in the USDA database to see how many animals we were saving. To her surprise she found out that the USDA was using our taxes to undermine our consumerism. Our taxes were bailing the livestock and dairy industry out of losses and out of low demand. In this moment she decided to educate herself on the history of the food system, specifically tied to legislation, systemic racism and food accessibility throughout history.

She went on to found one of the very first Vegan Backed Federal Lobbying Groups.

Agriculture Fairness Alliance in 2018 and now is engaging in community education via Liberation 360. She is inspired to teach all communities the truth about the food system and hopes to empower people to come together to sequentially create a fair and more ethical food system. To create solutions, you have to know the problem. And the problems with the food system cannot be solved through vegan consumerism. She believes this is the silver bullet that has been missing: Bridging anti-oppression communities together through education of micro & macro policies via Liberation 360 and lobbying efforts to change the system through Agriculture Fairness Alliance.Connie has been showcased across the world on TV shows, news, as a speaker at Veg & Environmental Fests and podcasts. To request an education or speaker engagement click here.

Gwenna Hunter

Gwenna finds herself at the intersection of two liberation movements in the United States, and specifically Los Angeles: the liberation and empowerment of Black lives, and helping others to include all sentient creatures within their circle of empathy – primarily through the elimination of animal products from their diets.Hunter speaks to a broad range of people and communities across LA, especially within the city’s Black and brown neighborhoods. As the vegan food aid coordinator and project lead for the LA chapter of VeganOutreach, she helps distribute fresh meals and groceries throughout greater Los Angeles. She also works directly with a host of local organizations including Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Black Women For Wellness, Black Women Farmers of LA and LGBT Center South to extend Vegan Outreach’s distribution network of plant-based meals and groceries.

Gwenna’s primary goal through this work is to help more people discover veganism, particularly those in underserved communities. By steering clear of shame tactics and instead introducing someone to a way of eating (and thinking) that considers both their stomach and their heart, she employs the same empathy that initially drew her to this work. Gwenna helps others make compassionate connections across race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and — in the case of veganism — species.Gwenna joined Liberation 360’s board because she believes in a holistic approach to animal and human liberation & wants to make sure her thought leadership drives systemic change thru the lens of an African American Vegan.

Yvette Baker

Yvette Baker is a Los Angeles-based writer, social critic, and total liberation activist. Her work and activism have been devoted to exposing and critically analyzing the intersections of human and nonhuman oppression through an Afro-Indigenous lens, aiming to empower the vegan movement as a movement for total liberation.

She has been a lifelong social justice advocate, with her efforts crossing into the animal rights movement at a young age. She has worked with various animal rights organizations as an educator, highlighting the need to understand systemic oppression and the principle of collective liberation as one of the most effective tools to build bridges and work together toward common goals.

With an exhaustive career in the food industry, she creates relationships with small farmers, vegan food companies, and entrepreneurs, striving to build a network toward a more just food world.

Yvette has also become engaged with the grassroots animal rights community, regularly involving herself in pressure campaigns, and educating herself on tactics of activism that would make a systemic impact.

Together, Connie & Gwenna want to build an organization that prioritizes elevating BIPOC voices into decision making positions both internally through Liberation 360, as well as externally through relationships in the community.

Story About

What We Do

We are an anti-oppression org who strives to connect with different communities to co-create a better, more ethical food system. We do this through education, feed programs and community engagement.

The food system is complex. We cannot solve issues regarding subsidies, anti-trust/competition, discrimination & food accessibility simply by buying vegan food.



The food system is complex, so we need to dive deeper than just using consumerism themes to fix it.



By connecting to communities that the food system disenfranchises, we can work together to create solutions.



Taking action on solutions through policy at both the micro and macro level: local, national and international.

Our Mission

Helping communities

understand how to overcome the systemic effects of a discriminatory food system by challenging the status quo of: Workers’ rights, small farmer support, animal suffering, environmental degradation, food accessibility and more.